+ I started taking the Coursera class, Startup Engineering. So far, it’s interesting and it forces me to look at node.js which I have been trying to get to for a long time but just never found the reason. This class uses it for the assignments and so that should prompt me to jump in and get going.  Also, I am giving Heroku another shot as well since the class uses that platform for the app. Evidently, there are over 100K users signed up for the class… it will be interesting to see how many get through and submit the final project at the end; it moves pretty fast from what I know so far.

+ There is a free, well-done design course for hackers and startup types that focuses specifically on the app design and user experience itself which I have been going through. I think it’s a good compliment to the Coursera class, which is focused on engineering/infrastructure and not on the front end design. On that note, you should check out a fairly comprehensive list of front end design resources that is being maintained on github.

+ .io app finds this week are: Algorithms.io, Factor.io.

+ There’s probably going to be a boom in privacy apps in the coming year. One that looks pretty cool is Threema

+ Web colors today.

+ A Dark and Stormy

+ Adobe rolled out all their new Creative Cloud (CC) apps this week. Updating basically means getting rid of the old CS6 apps that you had downloaded and then downloading and installing all the new CC apps. Lots of new features that I am learning as I find them. I spend a lot of time in these apps. I haven’t really participated in all the online arguing about whether or not Adobe is doing “the right thing” with Creative Cloud subscriptions and I don’t care. For me, Creative Cloud is perfect. I get all the Adobe Creative Suite apps on 2 computers for $50/month. I also use all the touch apps on my iPad (not so much on my iPhone) and I like syncing those to the cloud too. For those who whine that they don’t like the idea that Adobe is moving them to the CC apps before they’re ready to move, I feel their pain, but surely don’t really care why they are all upset. Now, I want Autodesk to implement the same subscription-based app pricing for their suite of stuff too: I WANT AUTODESK PRODUCT DESIGN SUITE (throw the Ultimate on the end too).

I’m kind of struggling with the idea of getting a CNC plasma system or the Autodesk Product Design Suite which represents two different creative service paths as well as different business models for production. I wish I could buy both tbh. Setting my goals…

+ Bonus tip: I have always been fairly confused about ssh and .pem keys and logging into EC2; I have to look up the process almost every time. I found this post  about connecting to your EC2 server using your terminal and how to configure your ssh client to log in without all the hassle of typing the long ass command every single time.