+ I started listening to two podcasts that I am finding fairly enjoyable and informative:

Product People and The Foolish Adventure. Both center around the solo entrepreneur and bootstrapping your product/lifestyle.

I haven’t written too much about my whole experience with 30×500 since the class finished up but I am still focusing on the results of my efforts from that to develop a product around the independent designer-builder working in architecture and fabrication. It’s my background and I believe, my strongest market to work with and try to help advance. Back when I was starting out in design fabrication and construction, there was absolutely no resources to turn to for inside business knowledge in the field and I had to invent my own processes as I grew which, of course, didn’t always work very well. More on that soon…

+ That Jodi Arias trial is nuts.

+ There’s a lot of stupid shit on the Internet. I know, that’s not something I just learned; but I thought this lame-ass piece was particularly stupid: The Sexiest Tech Executives Alive
Seriously. And people were tweeting it all day yesterday. I just wasted 3 minutes of my life typing this up.

+ For whatever reason, the Internet of Things is just going bonkers right now with blog posts and press releases hitting my feeds at a rate I can’t even keep up with. Bottom line is this: lots of things are connected to the internet and IoT is nothing really that new. What’s driving it? Tech buzz a la THE SEXIEST TECH EXECUTIVES ALIVE!

+ Product Manager? App Director? I don’t know.

+ If you are really data-design-geeky and like Bret Victor, you will enjoy his talk Drawing Dynamic Visualizations.

+ I am reading all of the Copy Hacker books now.

+ I think I found a theme that I want to use for this blog so that I can add responsive behavior and a better post format so I am going to test it out and will see if it works.