MisterHouse you are dead to me.

After years of on again and off again development and experimentation, I have finally realized that you will never be ready to run a home control system. You gave it a decent shot and were a pretty good introduction to the idea of home automation, but your awful interface, your buggy code built on Perl and your entire lack of a development community that was actually watching the home automation industry was your coffin nail.

I long ago uninstalled MisterHouse and gave up on it years ago. The last major update to the code was in 2008 and, for those of us actually interested in HA, that doesn’t cut it in terms of evolution. So why am I addressing it now? It is because I always find it interesting how many Google searches for MisterHouse I get on this blog. It would seem that there are a few diehard users or newbies who are out there looking for something, anything that could possibly assist them in implementing this thing. Let me save you some effort: There isn’t. Any and all available information pertaining to setting up and configuring MisterHouse is shown on Page 1 of a typical Google search. That is it. Don’t think you will find some new repository of information or a new release or device support other than what you have already found. The system is frozen in time.

What should you be looking at instead? One word: LinuxMCE. Go look at it the website. Get yourself a cheap, refurbished desktop from MicroCenter or someplace, dump the XP or Windows 7 Home Edition that it comes with, and install the ISO.

Now, get to work and put that thing to use.  Get involved with development.  And stop searching aimlessly for MisterHouse hope.