Moving back into the design world slowly and surely. The tech world has been fun – to a point – but my relationship with it is changing. Having been submerged in the SMB and enterprise app world for four years has taught me a lot. What I learned is that I don’t really appreciate the type of customer that is looking for ‘cheap fixes.’ And to me, that is what SaaS over-promises. SaaS is in a race to the bottom and is being sold like a commodity to the lowest bidder. We’ve inundated ourselves with task managers, project managers, sales trackers, time trackers, issue trackers, expense trackers, ‘collaboration tools’ that no one wants or uses… it goes on and on. Nothing talks to anything else and data still sits in a bunch of proprietary silos, billed by the month. The model is completely broken.


I’m still plugging away on the Startup Engineering class on Coursera. I like it. I am building my project around Thingbeam. Once I have my app site up I will take down the temp site and push that forward. Side project extraordinaire…

I’ve been going through lots of Autodesk tutorials and trying to cram as much Inventor and 3ds Max knowledge into my head as humanly possible. Need to be using the real tools for product design now…

So found lots of goodies:

+ Lego Architecture Studio

Did I mention I am getting back into foodservice and hospitality design (amongst other things)?

+ Here is a dairy farm store designed by Moriyuki Ochiai.  I like the edible aesthetic.

+ I hate the Volt, Prius, and Leaf. In fact,  the whole state of electric cars right now is so lame. They all suck and make you look like such a puss when you drive them. Tesla needs to make a utility truck that looks cool but they may be able to pull it off.

Screw electric cars. I want one of these:


It’s cool eh? So ugly it’s beautiful…

+ A great architecture and design website.

+ I’ve fired up my studio again. Got a new mixer. I give you the Denon DN-MC6000:

DN-MC6000Oh yeah. And I’ve been pushing it too.

+ Watch and learn.

+ A hotel in the desert.

+ Hito – my new favorite DJ.

+ Not kidding, one of the best design tutorials out there for the dev/frontend/app makers.

+ Jeremy Blum’s RazPi remote Wake On Lan server.

+ 42 Rules To Lead By

and finally,

+ Kill Your Past by Henry Rollins.