This week I am crankin’ on pixel pushing and a bunch of back end connections in the cloud bleezy blaazy blow.

This goddamn site is getting hammered by the WordPress spam dingdongs who still think it’s viable to pollute the web with toxic waste.

I got the sound studio back online and it’s working great again. Pushing my power consumption on two circuits to the melting point. I have a fire extinguisher standing by if needed.

+ Blog Comments – Who needs them?

WordPress comment spam is epidemic right now:


So, I shut comments off on the site. I don’t get a lot of comments outside the Webmin how-to, so instead of trashing dozens of comments that get through Askimet each day, it’s easier to just respond to comments through other media channels like Twitter or whatever.

+ I watched great web presentation, GitHub For Designers which was recorded and you should check it out. Starts kinda elementary then quickly shifts into overdrive. Hyper-energy Julie Horvath kicks major designer ass and really demos some super-impressive workflow she uses. Seriously, going live like that in a big O’Reilly Webcast is bad ass.

+ The need to run this current design project I am working on through VCS is critical in order to avoid a complete clusterwack. I’m sold. Yes, clusterwack is a term I just coined. Not even in the Urban Dictionary yet. Someone get on that…

+ Dropcam needs to rethink their whole sharing vs. selling feature. Sharing live video with friends is cool but not with the current, SIGN UP OR FUCK OFF, sign-in-wall you send your friends in an uneditible email generated by Dropcam. Forget it.

share dropcam

And then…

dropcam wall


Just show me the fuckin’ video already.

+ Oh, and thanks for pointing out that this blogola is totally NOT responsive. I agree, that sucks. Putting, “totally rebuild from the ground up” in my Omnifocus.