Here is a list of greenhouse resources – in just raw format without categories or comment – I am working my way through. Will edit this as I go to prune it or add new finds.

Smart Greenhouses

WiFi Weather Station

Connected Greenhouse M2M application demo at EWC2013

Temperature Data Logger | Farm Hack

Control Unit Construction | Robot Gardner

This dude’s YouTube channnel

The Smart Greenhouse | Make


The DIY Greenhouse


Planning and Building a Greenhouse

Design and Layout of a Small Commercial Greenhouse Operation

Greenhouse Design & Specifications by Rough Brothers Inc

Backyard Greenhouses

Greenhouse Product News

Greenhouse Grower

Greenhouse Megastore

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Fido – Greenhouse Monitoring with Text Message Alerts

AFC Greenhouse

Climate Control, Fogging Systems, Greenhouse Watering, Sensaphone Greenhouse, Alarms, Humidifiers, Sprayers, Horticultural Risers – FarmTek;ft_greenhouse_equipment;ft_greenhouse_climate_control.html

Greenhouse Alarm

HarvestGeek — Brains for your Garden by Evolved Agriculture — Kickstarter

Principles of Evaluating Greenhouse Aerial Environments Part 1 of 3 [PDF]

Instruments for Monitoring the Greenhouse Aerial Environment Part 2 of 3 [PDF]

Evaluating Greenhouse Mechanical Ventilation System Performance – Part 3 of 3  [PDF]

Wireless Sensing Products from Monnit Corp.

Cellular Machinges | Greenhouse Monitoring

Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Monitor by La Crosse Technology

Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden Tips

Grower’s Supply

Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor | Adafruit Learning

powering a heater with solar panel – Greenhouses & Garden Structures Forum – GardenWeb

Adafruit Wireless Gardening with Arduino and CC3000


Parts list first pass:

Sparkfun Weather Shield and hookup guide.

Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Shield

Adafruit AM2302 Temperature/Humidity sensor