+ I didn’t just learn this. I’ve known it for years and years. And yet, I still have to sometimes learn and relearn the same lessons:
Doing creative work for clients as a service provider is just not fun for me. It’s not the idea of the actual work that I don’t like, it’s the fact that most clients are hopelessly lost in a sea of optimism over what they want and expect vs. what is the right way for them. And, this usually translates to a lot of back and forth interaction that I just don’t really like any more.

This turns creative work into expectation management game. See, creativity-on-demand can not, will not scale. It’s nothing more than just another rote progression of simple tasks. Does it pay bills? Sure. But so what? Painting houses pays bills too.  I’m not baggin’ on your job; if you enjoy this type of business then go for it. The fact is, creative service providers are in demand. It’s a valid job.

I did learn this: there is a way to work in the creative industry producing excellent work that is not contingent on managing client expectations and just performing rudimentary design tasks for the sake of a paycheck. And I am going to begin writing about how to do this in your own design and art business. It’s still possible to be a Creative (capital C) and enjoy working on new things. And, done right, earn a nice living on it too.

If you insist on working in the creativity-on-demand world, this post has some pretty good tips that you should work into your contracts. That Termination Clause is key btw.

+ Lots of secrets were exposed this week. I use proXPN and am experimenting with ownCloud. Why not?

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* Links to the NSA.gov website and its description of Global Information Grid so if you are the paranoid type and don’t want your IP address logged, use proXPN. Or just run away. Me? I find all of it fascinating!