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What I Learned by SecretEngineer

Mayfair Greenhouse Project

18th of March, 2014

Progress reports and fun photos. Settling on a control system based on Arduino (of course) and the CC3000 wireless shield. For now, I am just going to use a DHT22 Temperature and humidity sensor I got from Adafruit. I am also experimenting with a Weather Shield by Sparkfun too. So in my layout, I have

What I Learned

Better off happy. And paid.

8th of November, 2013

+ So after determining that my last project was going nowhere fast, I had to make the decision to cut bait and run. Basically, the firm’s business model wasn’t going to work for me and here’s why: + First let’s start out by stating what hasn’t changed and probably will never change. In the AEC

what I learned

Creativity On Demand (Sucks)

7th of June, 2013

+ I didn’t just learn this. I’ve known it for years and years. And yet, I still have to sometimes learn and relearn the same lessons: Doing creative work for clients as a service provider is just not fun for me. It’s not the idea of the actual work that I don’t like, it’s the

Facebook Suicide

28th of January, 2013

  It took several weeks of planning. I am not an impulsive person by any means, but today, I threw the kill switch on my Facebook account. The end. Facebook thinks this is a horrible decision and that it should not be taken lightly and they, in fairness, give you – the half-crazy lunatic who

Bullshit Detection

17th of October, 2012

It’s important to develop experiments and tests to quickly get a general understanding of whether or not something or someone is going to be useful or not. Snap judgments are never good. Lots of times, we use snap judgments as a survival tactic because that’s really all their good for.  If you sense an immediate

The Next Step.

11th of October, 2012

In my last post I talked about some of the ‘upgrades’ I have begun making to my own personal brand and product concepts. This is all part of preparing myself for the 30×500 class taught by Amy Hoy.  I found out about Amy, and her online class, via Hacker News.  I started poking around and

And, just like that, you start moving.

1st of October, 2012

I have no problem admitting that I don’t know something.  I make no pretensions of knowing too much.  But, I do know some things. Lately, I have been irritating myself with the awareness that I have been stagnating in a shallow bay of complacency. I am unfulfilled with the “maintenance mode” interaction I currently have

Welcome to Nomadic Services.

4th of January, 2012

Check this out: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/01/04/144636898/a-man-a-van-a-surprising-business-plan I see this solution as something that will become more and more relevant in the upcoming years: location-based, mobile service businesses.  I am not referring to services like plumbing, electrical, or carpet cleaning.  We understand how that works. We have also seen it happen with food.  Food comes to us now

Secret Sangria

29th of July, 2011

Want to make a drink that will win friends and influence people? Then may I suggest you mix up a batch of Secret Sangria at your next meetup, hacker convention, work party, wedding or bbq.  Guaranteed points scored. Hugs and backslapping will ensue. (After awhile…) Ready? The first thing you have to do is go

Smart Grid, Where Art Thou?

18th of March, 2011

Over the past few days, I played the online, mutliplayer game called Smart Grid 2025, which was built by The Foresight Engine,  and developed and directed by the Institute for the Future, a non-profit futures-research group based in Palo Alto, California, and funded by  IEEE Spectrum.  The game was based on a simple question: What