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what i learned this week

Learning curves

5th of July, 2013

+ Family is out of town this week so I capitalized on that by crankin’ on learning the big picture overview of – that’s right – Autodesk Product Design Suite Utlimate. Yep. Got it. Now comes the hard part: that thing is a gigantic technical package of complicated stuff. Obviously, the learning curves are huge

What I learned

Startup Engineering

24th of June, 2013

+ I started taking the Coursera class, Startup Engineering. So far, it’s interesting and it forces me to look at node.js which I have been trying to get to for a long time but just never found the reason. This class uses it for the assignments and so that should prompt me to jump in

What I Learned

Sink or Swim

17th of June, 2013

This week I didn’t learn enough. It was a bad week honestly. Current project is just not going in the direction I want and I feel completely unproductive. Spent way too much time reading about PRISM and the NSA and all that. + Steve Gibson offered up a pretty good theory of PRISM on his

what I learned

Creativity On Demand (Sucks)

7th of June, 2013

+ I didn’t just learn this. I’ve known it for years and years. And yet, I still have to sometimes learn and relearn the same lessons: Doing creative work for clients as a service provider is just not fun for me. It’s not the idea of the actual work that I don’t like, it’s the

Facebook Suicide

28th of January, 2013

  It took several weeks of planning. I am not an impulsive person by any means, but today, I threw the kill switch on my Facebook account. The end. Facebook thinks this is a horrible decision and that it should not be taken lightly and they, in fairness, give you – the half-crazy lunatic who

Secret Chatting

23rd of May, 2008

Make sure you gtalk is configured properly if you are using it where you shouldn’t be.