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You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone

22nd of February, 2011

I have been noticing, over the past few months, a dramatic drop in status updates and upload activity from my network on Facebook.  I  too have also pulled back in frequency of posts and the multiple, daily check-ins to the site to see what is going on.  I still follow most of the “Pages” I

Control V- Control C

My Tweet Was Almost Famous.

26th of January, 2011

This morning, watching the news on TV, I saw a report that NASA was going to announce a major discovery later today. How exciting right? Also, the news was mentioning reports that some people were dubious of the actual meat content of Taco Bell meat. So, naturally I had to tweet about it: Funny. Later,

Help! I hate static blogging!

7th of January, 2011

Ok, I have been promising myself I was going to do something with this space (http://secretengineer.com) for awhile now.  I am over the static blogging mode that these flat pages offer.  My thoughts are dynamic and changing… I find things that are relevant today insignificant tomorrow.  So I need to figure out a way to

Jobs Save the Queen!

2nd of April, 2009

Or, why giving someone a fully loaded iPod as a gift is not a good idea. Let’s say you want to be real cool and impress someone by giving them an iPod as a present.  Well, aside from the fact that most people already have an iPod, that seems like a nice gesture.  But, let’s

I have lots of questions. Still.

27th of March, 2009

Yesterday for fun, I used a tool developed by Foundstone called SSLDigger and ran it against my Fedora Linux server that I have residing at  Well…  It got a solid “B.” [click on image to enlarge] See?  Right there in the lower left corner.  Grade: B.  In the words of Ricky Bobby’s dad, “If