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what I learned

Mayfair Greenhouse

27th of February, 2014

Version [BETA] I have been working on a greenhouse design. The greenhouse in the photos below is not the actual greenhouse. It is the prototype I set up to help me figure out the automation systems and climate stuff. The real greenhouse will be built from what works on this model, and will probably be

What I learned

Startup Engineering

24th of June, 2013

+ I started taking the Coursera class, Startup Engineering. So far, it’s interesting and it forces me to look at node.js which I have been trying to get to for a long time but just never found the reason. This class uses it for the assignments and so that should prompt me to jump in

What I Learned

Products, again.

24th of May, 2013

+ I started listening to two podcasts that I am finding fairly enjoyable and informative: Product People and The Foolish Adventure. Both center around the solo entrepreneur and bootstrapping your product/lifestyle. I haven’t written too much about my whole experience with 30×500 since the class finished up but I am still focusing on the results

What I Learned

What I learned:

8th of May, 2013

This week I am crankin’ on pixel pushing and a bunch of back end connections in the cloud bleezy blaazy blow. This goddamn site is getting hammered by the WordPress spam dingdongs who still think it’s viable to pollute the web with toxic waste. I got the sound studio back online and it’s working great

A new toy.

18th of August, 2010

So I finally gave in and bought Wolfram Mathematica.  It’s the home edition but that’s where I will be using it so it’s all good.  Having probably milked the Free Trial Version thing long enough, using multiple computers and email addresses to register, I figured what the hell?  Not only is this program pretty dang

I have been workin’. That’s all.

17th of August, 2010

Yeah, I have been working long hours (and playing even longer hours) so I have not been too involved with the ol’ “updating of the blog thing.” But that’s ok because lots is happening around my technology planet. Briefly, just to throw up some fresh news, I have been working on some cool stuff and,

The server is still going strong

14th of March, 2009

[click on image to enlarge] I am pretty happy with my server right now. Check out that uptime. Not too shabby considering I am banging away pretty hard on it. Any other OS would have been shut down and restarted a hundred times by now.

HP Lust.

10th of February, 2009

I like HP 49Gs and 44Gs! That is all.