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What I Learned by SecretEngineer

Mayfair Greenhouse Project

18th of March, 2014

Progress reports and fun photos. Settling on a control system based on Arduino (of course) and the CC3000 wireless shield. For now, I am just going to use a DHT22 Temperature and humidity sensor I got from Adafruit. I am also experimenting with a Weather Shield by Sparkfun too. So in my layout, I have

What I learned

Startup Engineering

24th of June, 2013

+ I started taking the Coursera class, Startup Engineering. So far, it’s interesting and it forces me to look at node.js which I have been trying to get to for a long time but just never found the reason. This class uses it for the assignments and so that should prompt me to jump in

What I learned

Connecting my things

29th of May, 2013

Things on my mind this week: + Xively + Adobe Edge Code + FlipClock + Amanda Palmer’s “Connecting The Dots” talk + Framer + A Starters Guide To iOS Design is pretty good. + I like Python. And I like APIs. And Flask is neat. So this post is interesting to me. + There are

What I Learned

What I learned:

8th of May, 2013

This week I am crankin’ on pixel pushing and a bunch of back end connections in the cloud bleezy blaazy blow. This goddamn site is getting hammered by the WordPress spam dingdongs who still think it’s viable to pollute the web with toxic waste. I got the sound studio back online and it’s working great

And, just like that, you start moving.

1st of October, 2012

I have no problem admitting that I don’t know something.  I make no pretensions of knowing too much.  But, I do know some things. Lately, I have been irritating myself with the awareness that I have been stagnating in a shallow bay of complacency. I am unfulfilled with the “maintenance mode” interaction I currently have

The Architecture of Forgetting

3rd of August, 2012

There is a world built around your memories. This world is constructed of the ideas and discoveries you have created in your life. We engineer our world around these ideas of memory. Our memory informs us and reminds us of who we are. And, conversely, we become our memories. The process of remembering the things

EEWeb Featured Engineer

19th of April, 2012

I am happy to be EEWeb’s Featured Engineer this week! The list of engineers that EEWeb has profiled in the past is incredibly impressive and I am honored that I was chosen to be included. I have a fairly non-traditional engineering upbringing that really grew out of a need to know more about the details

A Design Process. Part 2.

25th of October, 2011

In my last post, I explained why I start any design process with a 3″ x 5″ index card and some notes or sketches. In this post, I take those initial designs to the next level. I am still working on paper at this point. I still have yet to turn on a computer during

Secret Sangria

29th of July, 2011

Want to make a drink that will win friends and influence people? Then may I suggest you mix up a batch of Secret Sangria at your next meetup, hacker convention, work party, wedding or bbq.  Guaranteed points scored. Hugs and backslapping will ensue. (After awhile…) Ready? The first thing you have to do is go

Just found this…

2nd of September, 2010

…in the App Store. I have been using Autodesk (previously, Alias) SketchBook for years. How did I not know about the iPhone app? It works pretty well I must say. I am one of those people who draw a lot so this will come in handy for many reasons: ideation, concepting, explaining, and passing time