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Secret Sangria

29th of July, 2011

Want to make a drink that will win friends and influence people? Then may I suggest you mix up a batch of Secret Sangria at your next meetup, hacker convention, work party, wedding or bbq.  Guaranteed points scored. Hugs and backslapping will ensue. (After awhile…) Ready? The first thing you have to do is go

Installing Webmin 1.630 on Ubuntu Server 11.04

18th of May, 2011

The best way I have found to install Webmin on Ubuntu 11.04 – and to be able to log in once you do (important!) – is to use the following method.  It’s not 100% guaranteed but worked nicely for me. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: I have recently tested the following process on Ubuntu 12.04(64) and found no

Fix This.

9th of January, 2011

  Concept I am working on a new project.  This idea was inspired by work we are doing at idea2 that relates to building a hosted, trouble-ticketing system as part of the larger, data-management application.  I started thinking about how broken things get located, identified, classified, and ultimately fixed. As a designer and engineer, I

My calendar is a remote control?

31st of March, 2009

Here is what I think I should be able to do: I want to be able to control things around me using the date. I think about watering my lawn. That particular task is based on a couple of things. For one, time, and the other, because I live where lawn-watering is restricted, a date.

OpenDNS and a mobile phone: A parent relaxes. A little.

24th of March, 2009

As the father of two boys, ages ten and twelve, who are both Internet-savy and curious (and, did I mention, boys?), the WWW offers a HUGE library of information that boys absolutely love to explore. My sons find Instructables and YouTube videos daily showing them how to construct everything from water balloon slingshots to, well,

New WordPress Goodness

18th of March, 2009

Today iTunes informed me of an upgrade to my WordPress app to Version 1.2. Upon downloading and installing (syncing), I fired it up and it promptly crashed. Tried again. Crash. Now, before panicking and running to iTunes to give it one star and whine loudly (like pearible did), I remembered that some apps need to

Playing with Maltego

29th of October, 2008

Maltego is a program that can be used to determine the relationships and links.

Document Management

27th of July, 2008

Document management using various tools leads me to OpenDocMan, an open-source program written in python and run from apache server on a network.