+ I’m reading Jon Taffer’s book, Raise The Bar which, if I had to boil it down to a short summary would be, “Create great reactions in your customer’s experience and they will like you and probably come back.”  Easier said than done as we all know.

Ultimately, we should be designing “reactions” for our client’s customers. What we don’t want to do is simply design reactions for our client’s approval. Of course, we all know that you have to have a happy client but if you just make a client happy, does that translate to the true end user? My bet says, not necessarily and I’m willing to double down on that. So the challenge in creating great design projects is to get past the “deliverables” that we so often equate with creative work and work towards building and maintaining end user (the customer of the client) enjoyment. For they are the true client no matter what the egomaniac owner/proprietor/developer may want you to believe.

+ I am also trying to have the dialog  (with anyone who will listen) about getting away from hourly billing (time + materials) once and for all, in every aspect of the design industry. If working in the tech biz taught me one thing, it was that service by the hour does not and will never scale. It’s a sucker’s bet and the creatives always lose. If you are sending out design proposals that are based on your time that you are working on the project, you’re doing it wrong! More on this in a future post…

Back to me.

+ I think, where I will ultimately land however, is not just designing more restaurants and bars or hotels or retail spaces. Those really are just too easy to do and consequently, boring in the long run. I am still steadfastly striving to pull my worlds of engineering, art and design into a more formal relationship with production. I don’t simply want to make things. I want to make reactions tangible and with that ability, direct those manufactured reactions towards something great.

+ Design is my weapon.