Secret Engineer is a guy named Patrick Ryan.  That’s me.  I am an industrial artist and designer who is infatuated with the internet of things and creating web-enabled objects and environments.  What’s so secret?  Well, it’s a long story that goes back to when we used dial-up modems… moving on:

For the past 15 years or so, I have designed and built interior spaces and custom architecture and have watched the evolution of our physical environments merge with our digital environments. As such, I have begun working with projects that merge our digital and physical worlds. Through the use of web-enabled architecture and objects, your life beyond the XYZ space that surrounds you is now entering a discreet or digital presence that you can manage from anywhere your body physically occupies.

I have many interests and usually re-create my connections to these interests frequently. However, I am guided by a consistent belief in the creative uses of technology and using technology for the benefit of our globe (and beyond) versus using it to deny, deplete, or destroy.

As a believer in the power of networked human connectivity, I find the application of social computing, ubiquitous computing, and user-interfaces fascinating. I also believe in living life beyond the digital landscape and enjoy experiencing my XYZ-axis environment to the maximum.

Networked human connectivity:

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