+ New to AppFog but so far it seems to work. I’m still learning but it is better than Heroku from what I see so far. I didn’t like Heroku because they just invented names for things that should just be called what they are. Dynos and Fugus?” Shut up please. That, and they were not very responsive to some customer issues I had.

Found a couple of tools I am using for design work to create a better client and collaboration interface.

+ CloudApp is a cool little tool that makes it easy to share screenshots and other files instantly with your group via IM or email. It’s designed and built around Mac but there is a decent Windows app that uses the CloudApp API to integrate it with the Windows thing.  If you are on Win, go to http://fluffyapp.com and download that. It works but doesn’t have the drag n drop feature that the Mac app has.  All you do is drag or upload a  file to the cloud icon and it instantly pushes the file to your cloud storage and copies a link to your clipboard that allows you to just paste it in whatever application you need.  I use this all the time to show someone a quick screenshot without all the extra steps.  Here: http://cl.ly/image/0J1t1N2t181B

+ In addition to sharing screenshots and quick images or files, I learned that I like Frontify as well. Frontify is another image collaboration tool that sets up a nice way to build a repository of graphic assets and color themes that can be accessed by design teams and developers. This is good for when you need to keep logos and icons in a place where everyone can access them.

+ International wires are a pain in the ass to get set up. There are a lot of countries <cough> Argentina </cough> that turn currency into a giant kadildawhack.

+ I started working on an idea to push live video feeds to a series of content panels laid out across a landing page. That got me experimenting with different cameras and all that…

Since I have a Dropcam so I decided to turn it on, set it to ‘live sharing’ and embed it here.  Every once in a while, you might catch me working.