This week I didn’t learn enough. It was a bad week honestly. Current project is just not going in the direction I want and I feel completely unproductive. Spent way too much time reading about PRISM and the NSA and all that.

Big Brother

+ Steve Gibson offered up a pretty good theory of PRISM on his podcast (Epi 408). I think he nailed it.

+ I have to wonder if Snowdon really is who he says he is. I may be wrong, but something is kind of strange about his perfectly-worded statements and ‘on-air’ personality presented by the media without, it would seem, any sort legal representation being present during any of the interviews. Does he have someone advising him off-camera? Even though you have succeeded in getting the information out, it doesn’t make any sense that you would just speak ‘off the cuff’ about your actions no matter how strong your conviction to such a cause is; he’s going to face a trial at some point so why risk getting thrown into the hole for life if you can avoid it? There is a lot of strange things happening OR, the NSA and the media are just stupidly operating on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour response mechanism which doesn’t add up.

+ I learned that trying to get a Land Rover Defender into the U.S. is a complete, idiotic pain in the ass. I want this one.

+ My mind is wandering back to some creative product ideas. I finally reviewed and synced my OmniFocus list which I hadn’t done in a month. I keep it pretty updated with my current spark files and projects but had not really taken a good look at it in awhile.

+ I’ve been reading this book:


and I am learning lots of little tips and tricks for machinists, welders, and fabricators. Just like the title says…

Tom Lipton also has a pretty interesting blog.